What is the ZIDA Mining Claims Matchmaking Platform- Investors

This is a platform that allows investors to connect with holders of mining claims in
Zimbabwe and express their interest in connecting and investing in them. The platform
is open to both local and international investors.To access the platform, investors are
required to register and submit relevant information, such as contact details, investment
objectives, and the type of mining claim they are interested in. Investors are also
required to pay a registration fee to access the information on the matchmaking platform.
Once an investor's registration has been approved, they will be able to view registered
mining claims and express their interest on the platform. The investor will then be given
further details to be able to contact and negotiate with the identified and selected
claim/s holders on a one on one basis – subject to claim availability. Investors can
choose from the following investing options:

If you are a local or international investor seeking to enter the mining
sector in Zimbabwe, and are looking for available mining claims, register
on the ZIDA Mining Claims Matchmaking Platform.

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