What is the ZIDA Tourism Investment Matchmaking Platform?

The ZIDA Tourism investment matchmaking platform seeks to achieve the following objectives:

 Link tourism investors with operators.

 Improve ease of attracting investment in the sector.

 Deepen access to capital by local tourism promoters.

 Create a centralised database of tourism promoters and investors in the country.

 Realize the full potential of the tourism sector and align it with the mainstream economy.

Investors can choose from the following funding options.

Benefits of the Platform

1. Access
Investors can easily access the available projects (either greenfield or brownfield) which are available for investment whilst project promoters can access investors with the appropriate funding mix best suited to the business model.

2. Increased Visibility
The platform allows for project promoters to share a prospectus of the available projects on a public platform.

3. Establishing Leads And Professional Connections
Regardless of the outcome of the matchmaking process, the leads and professional connections established will come in handy in the future for the proprietor.

4. Learning And Growth Opportunities
The feedback that a proprietor receives from the platform provides for learning and development which is critical to improve product quality.

5. Structured Data Acquisition
The data collected from the platform is useful for analytical purposes to improve product packaging and gauging investor expectations when deciding to invest in the tourism industry.

6. Monetisation Opportunity For ZIDA

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