What is the Tourism Investment Matchmaking Platform? - Promoter
This is a platform developed to connect Tourism sector operators with local and international investors.
The Tourism Investment Matchmaking Platform is a valuable resource for operators who are looking for assistance
in developing and or expanding their operations. The platform provides a convenient way to connect with potential
investors and allows operators to acquire licences and also specify the type of assistance they are seeking.
This could be in the form of technical assistance, tributary partnership, joint venture partnership, debt funding,
or a buyer for the operating licence. ZIDA will then help to market the operating licence on the platform to potential
investors. The platform is open to all tourism operators in Zimbabwe, regardless of whether they are individuals,
companies, or syndicates. To register on the platform, operators are required to scan and upload identification documents,
operator’s registration certificate, valid inspection certificate andsite map. Tourism operators are also required to
pay a registration fee.

Benefits of the Tourism Investment Matchmaking Platform

If you have a tourism operating licence in Zimbabwe, and are looking for opportunities to
develop your operations, register on the ZIDA Tourism Sector Matchmaking Platform.

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